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Sage Locksmith takes pride in having years of trust and confidence of the Mercedes-Benz owners in Phoenix and surrounding areas for all their key replacement needs.

We specialize in handling the replacement of both transponder chip and non-transponder chip keys of cars, sport utility vehicles, and heavy-duty commercial vehicles from all models of Mercedes.

Our technicians carry a wide selection of key blanks of all car brands and models along with the high-end cutting machines needed to cut and code them to any vehicle quickly and efficiently.

No matter how old or new your Mercedes, we go to extreme lengths to create a precise replacement key for you so that you can enjoy performance and durability from it that you deserve for a long time to come.

Car Key Replacement Locksmith Services

Lost Mercedes Car Key Replacement

If the original set of keys of your Mercedes has been lost or stolen, trust Sage Locksmith to provide you with a replacement.

Whether you need a plain metal key or a transponder key, we will use the right tools and techniques to create one that will perfectly match all the locks on your vehicle.

We can also de-program your lost transponder key, so that it is no longer usable.

Bent or Cracked Mercedes Car Key Replacement

As the key gets old, they begin to gradually wear down and become prone to getting bent or cracked. Operating your Mercedes in this state may cause it to break-off inside the lock cylinder. Therefore, don’t delay in reaching out to us to get your key repaired or replaced.

Our technicians will determine the extent of damage to your key and, if possible, restore your key to its best shape. When a replacement is indispensable, we will create a new set of keys right away.

Broken Mercedes Car Key Replacement

If you have broken the key to your Mercedes, it is advisable to avoid attempting to start your two key pieces and get a replacement key as immediately. Get in touch with us, and our technicians will cut and program a new key for you onsite.

Mercedes Car Key Fob Replacement

If the key fob of your Mercedes is lost, dead, or severely damaged, let Sage Locksmith provide you with an instant replacement.

Our technicians will utilize advanced programming devices to code your new key fob with your vehicle with utmost precision and perfection.

We also de-program your old car fob to prevent the possibility of vehicle theft in case it has been stolen.

Mercedes Models We Service

Emergency 24/7 Locksmith Services

I’m Locked Out of My Mercedes – Need a Replacement Key

Only a few things are more stressful and frustrating than finding yourself locked out of your car on the side of the road without a key in hand. Things may take a turn for the worst when the event occurs at an inconvenient time, and you are not able to locate a locksmith nearby.

For this very reason, we remain available 24-7 to take care of the emergency car key needs of our clients in Phoenix.

This means no matter what the time of day or night you find that your car keys are missing, stolen, or broken, all you need to give us a call, and we will send one of locksmiths in a jiffy to provide you a replacement key and let you get back on the road as quickly as possible.


The Most Trusted Mercedes Locksmith in Phoenix

No matter what the reason you need a replacement key for your Mercedes, turn to Sage Locksmith to get one quickly, efficiently, and significantly cheaper than the dealership.

When you choose to go with us, you can be reassured that you are working with the most qualified technicians in the industry who will provide you a perfect key replacement without causing any harm to your vehicle.

Call at (602) 293-8100 today to schedule an appointment with our car key technicians.