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Having a master key can be the right solution to the security concerns of your business or building, or it may just be a way to simplify your life.

At Sage Locksmith, we have expertise, experience, and knowledge to set up a master key system in buildings, educational institutes, healthcare facilities, local authorities, retail stores and more. We can also maintain the master key systems to make sure that your keys and locks are in top shape and in proper working order.

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What Is A Master Key?

A master key is a key that is used to operate all the locks in a building that are utilized by multiple people. Having this system installed eliminates the need for carrying a huge bunch of keys for each individual lock. It also helps you save lock replacement costs if one of the keys in the systems is lost or stolen.

Not only the master key is a convenient solution, but it also consolidates the security of your building by allowing only authorized individuals to unlock your doors.

Master key systems are designed to work with two sets of keys, original key and master key. Original Keyset is handed over to the tenants or employees, while the master key is usually held by the building manager or the landlord to have unrestricted access in case of an emergency.

Install or Repair Master Key

Master Key Making: The Access You Need

At Sage Locksmith, we provide high-quality master key systems in Phoenix for your facility to allow specific keys to be distributed to employees or tenants while retaining the unrestricted access.

We can also create a grand master key if you are looking for another level of security. This key is used in locks that come with three different options to open them. Some businesses have multiple levels of employees who have complete access to the same thing. But grandmaster keys let you provide a certain level of access in these situations.

Master Key System Installation in Phoenix

We offer top-of-the-line master key cutting service for all types of high-grade security systems and locks, including cylinder operated locks, cam, padlocks, mortise locks, and cabinet locks.

Our locksmiths will thoroughly inspect your facility to determine your needs and work closely with you to design an ideal master key system for it. Then, we use the right tools and techniques to install a master key system with utmost precision and perfection. We can incorporate different key levels in your system to let you allow or restrict access as you need.

If you want to add an extra level of security to your building, we can also install a restricted master key system that prevents the likelihood of keys being duplicated without your permission.

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