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Lock Installation Service in Phoenix AZ

Locks are an integral security feature for any property and premises. However, they need accurate installation in order to function properly. Amateur lock installation can lead to various types of problems that not only make them difficult to operate but also vulnerable to break-ins. Installing a lock from scratch is a much more difficult job than upgrading or replacing an existing lock as it requires precise drilling and a correct placement on the door frame. Therefore, the job should be best left to expert professionals.

Sage Locksmith takes pride in being an uncontested leader of new lock installation services in Phoenix and surrounding areas. We specialize in handling the installation of all types and models of both residential and commercial locks from all brands.

With many years of experience and the most state-of-the-art equipment, our technicians are capable of installing even the most complicated mechanisms with the highest degree of accuracy, without causing any damage to the door and the lock itself.

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Residential Lock Installation

The security of your home has always been the top priority of Sage Locksmith. Therefore, we encourage homeowners to ensure that strong and secure locks are accurately and professionally installed on all their doors to keep their loved ones and belongings optimally protected.

We offer a complete range of lock installation services to homeowners in Phoenix, including;

  •   Front Door Lock Installation
  •   Interior Door Lock Installation
  •  Mailbox Lock Installation
  •  Bedroom Door Lock Installation
  •  Cabin Door Lock Installation

Commercial Lock Installation

Commercial locks are generally more powerful than residential locks, as they are designed to meet the high traffic and provide durable and reliable security. The installation of these complex mechanisms requires a degree of accuracy beyond normal and therefore, should be handled by someone with an ample amount of experience and expertise.

Our technicians are extensively trained to take care of all your commercial lock installation needs, including but not limited to;

  •   Entry Door Lock Installation
  •   File Cabinet Lock Installation
  •   Cabin Lock Installation
  •   Desk Drawer Lock Installation

Locks We Install

Our technicians can expertly handle;

  •     Knob lock installation
  •     Lever handle Installation
  •     Deadbolt Installation
  •     Mortise locks Installation
  •     Cam Lock installation
  •     Electronic Smart Lock Installation
  •    Key Pad Lock Installation

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Choosing the Right Lock

Door locks come up in a wide variety of types, styles, key options, functions, and finishes to meet varying security needs, and choosing the right mechanism is extremely important to ensure that it provides you optimum comfort and safety at all times.

The technicians at Sage Locksmith possess extensive knowledge of which type of lock works best in which situation. We will take time to determine your needs, budget, and the level of security you aspire and suggest a perfect lock.

How Do We Fit Door Locks – Our Process

In response to your service request, one of our locksmiths will travel to your location at a time that suits your schedule along with all the necessary equipment. We will precisely measure your new lock and drill accurate holes in your doorframe before seamlessly fitting your new mechanism on it. Once installed, we will ensure that each and every component of your new lock is working properly.

Before leaving, our technician will thoroughly guide you about the functions of your new lock and provide you valuable tips to keep it in perfect shape and optimal working order.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Lock in Phoenix?

A new lock installation involves a number of variables, including the job size, conditions, and finishing options you want; therefore, it is difficult to predict the exact price. However, you are expected to spend somewhere between $65 – 145.
Our technician will evaluate your unique situation and provide you with an on-site quote and proceed to the job only once you give the go-ahead.

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The next time you need a new lock installation service, don’t look beyond and call at (602) 293-8100 to schedule your appointment with us.

When you partner with Sage Locksmith, you can rest assured that the installation of your new lock will be carried out to absolute perfection and it will provide you the peace of mind you desire for many years to come.