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HomeKey Duplication

Sage Locksmith offers the best quality duplicate key service at the most affordable prices on the market for homes, commercials, and car keys. We are a family-owned business and have many years of experience duplicating keys for our clients at affordable rates.

Each of our locksmiths is expertly trained to cut any key and get it to you faster than the competition. Read on below to find out what key duplication involves and how we can help.

Key Duplication Service - Duplicate Any Key

What is key duplication?

Key Duplication is a method of creating a key based on the existing key, regardless of whether it’s a car key, house key or a trunk key. The primary way of duplicating a key is called key cutting. A flat key is fitted into a vice, with the blank attached to a parallel device, and the original key is moved along a guide while the blank is grinded against the wheel, cutting it as it turns. A locksmith then scrubs the newly-made key to remove any sharp metal parts on it.

What types of keys can be duplicated?

With our expertise in offering key duplication services, we can duplicate keys for the following key types:

  • Any keys
  • Mail Box keys
  • Apartment keys
  • Building keys
  • Safe Keys
  • Business Keys
  • Office keys
  • Entry Door keys

How long does it take to duplicate a key?

It depends on the type of key, but most regular house keys take only a few minutes to duplicate by hand.

Why should you duplicate keys?

Duplicate of a key will allow you to have multiple keys that open that same lock. Either to share a key with a household or as a backup plan to have an extra set of keys in a safe place.

 Key Duplication Service

Sage Locksmith LLC offering 24 hour locksmith services in Phoenix include key duplication for almost any kind of key.

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