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Sage Locksmith is a leading provider of Honda car key replacement services in Phoenix and surrounding areas.

No matter how new or old your Honda car is, we have the experience, expertise, and equipment to create a replacement key for you in a precise and efficient manner. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable auto locksmiths specialize in cutting all types of Honda car key and car remote, including standard, transponder keys and smart keys.

We have access to the most advanced tools and key cutting machines that enable us to create every replacement key to the highest industry standards.

Call at (602) 293-8100 to place a service request with us.

The range of our Honda car key replacement services include;

Lost or Stolen Honda Car Key Replacement

If the only key of your Honda car has been lost or stolen, don’t wait any longer to call us. Our experts will cut and program a perfect replacement car key for you that will work the first time and every time. We can also de-program your old key so that it no longer works.

Bent or Cracked Honda Car Key Replacement

If your Honda car key broken is bent or cracked, it needs to be replaced immediately because it the next time you turn it in the cylinder, chances are there that it may break off inside the lock. Call us for assistance, and our experts will cut a replacement key for you on the spot.

Broken Honda Car Key Replacement after Extraction

If your car key is broken in the door or ignition of your Honda car, do not try to extract it yourself to prevent the lock from damage and call in our expert locksmiths to get the job done properly.

Our experts will use the right tools to safely remove the key from the cylinder so that your car won’t have to undergo any expensive repairs. They will then precisely cut a new Honda car key for you onsite.

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Whatever the reason you need a replacement key for your Honda car, choosing Sage Locksmith is always your best bet. When you trust us, you’ll be guaranteed to get durability, top-notch craftsmanship, and above all, a world-class service quality at an incredibly affordable price.

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Honda Car Key Fob Replacement

If the key fob of your Honda car has been misplaced key fob or damaged beyond repair, we can program a new one quickly and efficiently. Our technicians will utilize industry-leading techniques to ensure that your car’s computer system is calibrated with the utmost accuracy to accommodate the new fob.

Honda Car Key Replacement

We understand that you may need a replacement key for your Honda Car at any time of the day or night. That is why we remain on call 24-7 to ensure that we are there to serve you in your hour of need.

Irrespective of the hour or the day you give us a call, our experts will reach at your location in the next 30 minutes to serve your needs.

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