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Are you planning to install high-security locks in your home or office in Phoenix to take advantage of the many benefits? Our team at Sage Locksmith can help you with the right installation procedures.

The biggest benefit associated with this high-security lock is that it will be hard to duplicate the keys of this lock. The reason is that they are particularly designed to prevent duplication. However, our authorized locksmiths alone can do the duplication just in case more people need access to the lock.

Your Local High Security Locks Experts

Certified Locksmiths

We provide you with locksmiths who are certified in installing high security locks along with being able to look at other things to ensure security is not compromised. These could be quality of doors, windows, weld spots etc.

Install or Repair High-Security Lock

Why install high-security locks on your premises?

To increase security on your premises, high-security locks carry the following features, which our team at Sage Locksmith has found from our experience:

  • Limiting keyways: High-security locks use para-centric and complex keyways. These keyways irritate attackers by manipulating and making it hard to insert any unlocking tools within the lock.
  • Key control: With the ability to control the cutting, distribution, and creation of keys for a particular security lock will again help with increased security of the keying system. Most high-security keys have warding patterns and key bows that are patent protected for the prevention of authorized production. Above all, keys to high-security locks require a security card. At Sage Locksmith, we can duplicate the keys for high-security locks only if we are presented with a security card. The keys of these locks need a specialized key cutting machine as well.
  • Different keys: To ensure complex master keying configurations and to prevent cross keying, High-security locks traditionally offer a high number of theoretical and real keys.
  • Resistance to manipulation: Almost all high-security locks that we at Sage Locksmith have installed contain components that are created to resist manipulation from decoding and lockpicking attacks. When you take the case of pin-tumbler locks, security pins are the most familiar examples when it comes to anti-manipulation components. Even, some high-security locks have components created to resist key bumping and impression-creation.