The holiday season is not just about festive decorations and family gatherings; it’s also the perfect time to give the gift of safety and peace of mind. As a professional locksmith, I’ve curated a list of top security gadgets that make thoughtful and practical gifts for any homeowner on your list. From high-tech devices to simple yet effective solutions, these gifts are sure to be appreciated long after the holiday lights dim.

1. Smart Locks:

Smart locks are a game-changer in home security, offering both convenience and enhanced control. They allow homeowners to lock and unlock their doors remotely, set up temporary codes for guests, and receive alerts on their smartphones. Gifting a smart lock is like giving the gift of never having to hide a spare key under the doormat again.

2. Video Doorbells:

A video doorbell is a perfect gift for keeping an eye on who’s coming and going. These devices not only allow homeowners to see and speak with visitors without opening the door but also provide security by recording footage of porch activity, which can deter package thieves and unauthorized visitors.

3. High-Security Padlocks:

For the homeowner who has everything, a high-security padlock can be a perfect stocking stuffer. These rugged locks are ideal for securing sheds, gates, and storage units, and they offer a level of protection that regular padlocks simply can’t match.

4. Window and Door Sensors:

Give the gift of an added layer of security with window and door sensors. These devices alert homeowners if an entry point is breached, providing instant awareness of any potential security threats. They’re easy to install and integrate with most smart home systems.

5. Keyless Cabinet Locks:

For those with curious little ones or the need to secure sensitive documents, keyless cabinet locks are a great gift. They can keep medicine, cleaning supplies, or personal files safe, and they’re an excellent way to introduce someone to the convenience of keyless security.

6. Personal Security Alarms:

Personal security alarms are thoughtful gifts for loved ones who may not always be at home. Compact and often designed as keychains, these alarms emit a loud sound that can deter attackers and attract attention in emergencies.

7. Security Safes:

A home safe is a classic gift for protecting valuables and important documents. With options ranging from fireproof to biometric access, there’s a safe to fit every need and budget, making it a practical choice for holiday giving.

8. Smart Lighting:

Smart lighting can give the impression that someone is home even when they’re not, deterring would-be intruders. Timers and remote control options allow homeowners to manage their lighting from anywhere, adding both security and efficiency.

9. GPS Trackers:

For the tech-savvy homeowner, a GPS tracker for valuable items like bicycles, vehicles, or even pets can be a unique and valuable gift. These trackers can provide real-time location updates and are a modern way to protect the things that matter most.

10. Lock Rekeying Kit:

For the DIY enthusiast, a lock rekeying kit can be a great gift, allowing them to change their locks without replacing the entire hardware. It’s a practical, hands-on way to refresh home security.


This holiday season, step outside the traditional gift box and consider giving a present that offers security, comfort, and peace of mind. These locksmith-approved gadgets are more than just gifts; they’re investments in the safety and well-being of your loved ones. Happy holidays, and remember, safety is the gift that keeps on giving!