Why would you need to rekey your locks anyway?

To start with, the obvious reason for rekeying your locks at home, office or business locks is of course to improve the level of security. Which is very important. If you lose your keys, think nothing else other than having your locks rekeyed. Rekeying locks basically provides additional or completely new security functionality to your locks. That’s all in a nutshell.

Why you need services of a professional locksmith to rekey your locks

An expert locksmith has the necessary expertise to evaluate and accord the best security options to your lock. He/she will know exactly if your lock system requires rekeying or complete change. Also, a locksmith professional has the needed know-how on the different brands, makes and models of keys and locks. He/she knows how to skillfully alter the pins and springs in the lock cylinder and to replace them with new ones. Trying to do a lock rekey by yourself could jeopardize the whole lock system. Therefore engage the services of professional lock rekey experts such as the Sage Locksmith LLC, they have a solid reputation when it comes to all kinds of locksmiths services.

Advantage of rekeying locks after you lose the key

The number one advantage is through locks rekey, you are assured of your personal security and the security of your valuable possessions. Also, rekeying a lock will save you money as conveniently as compared to making a complete lock change.

Some of the reasons you may need a lock rekey services

There are a lot of reasons to do locks rekey for your property to be assured of security. Below are some of the main reasons. They include but not exhausted to:

  • If you lose your keys – Whether we like it or not, we all lose our keys at some point in life. In such a situation using a spare key is not secure enough. The best solution option is to have the lock rekeyed. This is because the lost key could fall in the wrong hands (thieves and burglars) thus putting your life and possession at huge risk.
  • If you just purchased/ moved into a new house – If you are a new homeowner you may not have an idea what kind of a person was the previous owner of the property. This is such a situation whereby trusting a stranger is not allowed. It is a wise decision to have those locks rekeyed by a professional locksmith. This the only assurance that the locks are safe for you to have a peaceful sleep.
  • If someone breaks-in your property – A successful break-in means that the locks systems were not strong enough to keep thieves and burglars away. Now it’s time to strengthen those locks by rekeying them to something new and different. As the old saying goes, once bitten, twice shy? You don’t have to repeat a similar mistake again. Work closely with an expert locksmith and you will have some peace of mind wherever you are knowing your locks security is on point.
  • Rekey you locks after a divorce or breakup – Breakups and divorces do happen but not necessarily on a mutual agreement. Some parties feel that they still possess some residence ownership to some property. Therefore having the locks rekeyed is a wise security move to protect yourself and your property.
  • If your keys fail to work – there is nothing that lasts forever and so are keys and locks. Over time your key and lock may accumulate dust. The teeth of the key may also wear out. All this is a call to a locks rekeying to something new and more functional.